You're not the only sweet cherry in a world full of sour lemons. Even sour lemons can be sweet and respond to your cherry sweetness and we can all get along is the moral of this lovely animated story from Ben and Jerry's Europe. "We don't live in a one flavour world," it says at the end. And Ben and Jerry's wants to end the division and is encouraging us to be more inclusive and accepting of different viewpoints. Kind of ironic considering some of their previous flavor names like Lin-Sanity and Hazed and Confused, were met with a lot of anger. Regardless, the message is sound and on-brand. Although it's a message we've heard since the day's of Coke's rooftop.
This type of ad really deserves a new category: Quasi-cause marketing. There's nothing to risk with an ad like this and there's nothing to gain either. It's got a nice saccharine tone with a generic message "be nice to each other," but it doesn't go out on a limb to make that happen. It's a nice sermon meant for the same choir as always. Then again the ad illustrates something unintentionally, which is the only togetherness we're ever gonna find is in a made up town called Coneville.

Creative Agency: Nice and Serious Creative Director: Tom Tapper
 Creative: Christopher Ross-Kellman Animation Director: Luke Marsh Producers: Mutsa Marau, Segolene Meheust Writer: Tom Tapper, Gleb Toropov, Christopher Ross-Kellman 2D Design & Concept Art: Luke Marsh 3D Design & Modeling: Guillaume Le Roux Character Modeling & Animation: Kilogramme Texture & Render: Thom Haig, Chris Shaw Storyboard: Marylou Faure Sound Design and Mix: Andrew Sherriff Composer: Ben Cocks Producer: Max De Lucia at Adelphoi Music Song: Ben Cocks "One Sweet World."