On International Day Of Families, brand new digital agency La Fuerza , based in Madrid, launched this campaign for BePoppins, an app that pairs you with the most qualified babysitters and nannies out there. So go on and get your bone on.

"Go on and get your bone on," should probably be their new tagline although I don't know if it works in Spanish.

Advertising Agency: La Fuerza Digital Advertising, Madrid, Spain.
Agency website: http://www.lafuerza.es
CEO: Marimar Ruiz
Creative Directors: Willy Roda, Raúl Cirujano
Co-Founders: Fabián Ramirez, Miguel Rosa, Cristian Triviño
Production Company: Somos 5
Director: Nacho Herrán
DP: Fran Condor

Additional credits:
Producer: Azu Burdeos
Audio & Sound: Javier Garrido
Production: Elsa Moya, Mercedes Gonzalez
Art Director: Carlos Barea
Makeup: Minerva Min
Editor: Natalia Morales
Post production: Alfredo Lobo

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