According to a study, Brits know whether or not they're going to have a good day by 8:12 AM. And weekly they do not have a good day but quite the opposite. Still research shows just by pulling themselves out of the dark cloud to relax and shake it off, many can reverse that bad day. The Berry Company set out to test hat theory. Lo and behold with a lot of time and crafty editing it seems as if their stunt paid off. I have zero idea what this has to do with The Berry Company's new line of low-sugar juices but at least here are high fives and umbrellas and free hugs. Maybe the guy whispers in your ear all about the product when he hugs you the campaign actually makes sense. "Look mate, this hug is just a ruse to tell you abut The Berry Company's new low sugar juices. Figured it was a good a time as any, yeah?"

Client: The Berry Company Production company: Gas and Electric Producer: Matt Klemera Advertised Brand: Berry Company Advert Titles: a BERRY good day... Advertising Agency: W Comms

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