Welcome to the most tired (sexist) troupe of advertising yet, it's the shirtless guy cooking in all his unhygenic glory.
This time it's Bertolli who introduces the "hot sexy Italian chef, Alfredo Caldo-Freddo". Alfredo teaches us the difference between Hot & Cold uses of olive oil, and which oil goes where - the light one is "to keep it moist on the inside" while strutting his stuff in nothing but an apron.

What happened to fat doofus dad, did we finally kill him off and replaced him with beefcake man in ads? Nope, doofus has a starring role as comedic relief as usual. Nothing new under the advertising sun.

Just like the Kraft Zesty Guy who got slapped by one million moms, this olive oil salesman has been dubbed sexist, and bonus: also offensive to Italians.


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