Betclic Poker - Fight / Combat - (2010) :30


Betclic Poker - Fight / Combat - (2010) :30

If ONLY online poker was more like underground mexican wrestling in crowded basements hiding away from the fuzz, with added kickass midget teams, and less like a bunch of dweebs sitting around by their lonesome computers at all hours trying to win back their rent money. Nevermind trying to make it glamourous as so many online poker sites try to do, Betclic has got one thing right, online poker is deadly serious, has silly beards, and smells of panicked sweat.

Agency : La Chose
Executive Creative Director Pascal Grégoire
Art Director Mathieu Dubray
Copywriter Tanguy Gallis
Director Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Agency Producer Nicolas Buisset
Account Manager Alain Roussel, Bérengère Mangin
Advertising Manager Julien Renucci, Alexandre Onano


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