In part 1 of this campaign for online betting company Betser, we're introduced to Einstein and Napoleon--who represent brains and balls. Why? Because Betser is introducing Balls and Brains, which rewards both skill and dumb luck/courage. It's very silly. But hey, it's an online gambling site. Gandhi makes a cameo at the end. I could argue he had both brains and balls, so we'll see what happens in part 2. Fun fact for those of you who always want to know where something was filmed: this spot was shot in Belgrade.

Client: Betser (Hero Gaming Ltd) Agency: Jack Russel Art Director: Mattias Flyborg Copywriter: Viktor Olsson Production Company: Giants and Toys Service Production: Emote Director: Henrik Sundgren DOP: Eric Broms Producer: Carl Linder Executive Producer: Christian Rehnfors Grading: Chimney Sound Composer: Jimmy Lagnefors Sound Engineer and Sound Design: MediaMonks Agency Producer: Linus Leander, Twofatboys