In this introspective, thought provoking film, we see through the eyes of a young girl voice over telling us about her friend Betty B. In one scenario she's a great friend. In another scenario, the B in her last name stands for Bully. Nicely shot. Great voice over. It shows how you can make a powerful ad with little more than a bunch of still shots and the occasional moving swing.
And while it is a great self-promotion piece for Matt Bieler, I do wish they would have found a client to go along with the idea. Because the ending of this gives me zero indication as to how I'm supposed to stop the Betty B's of this world, or who I'm supposed to turn to if I'm the one being bullied.

Director/Writer/DP/Editor: Matt Bieler Voice: Lola Music: Chris Newlin Color: Santiago Padilla Flame Artist: David Hernandez

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