"Fuckers keep this up, and I'm going Amish" Clayton quipped when the Gillette Fusion Area 51 high-tech madness almost got them on the top of the worst super bowl ads of all time list. I guess BIC has realized they can not compete against the ever-more-blades arms race, and have opted for the simple and rather silly sell instead. Enter the men so smooth they can be used as curling stones.

Curling just got a whole lot more exciting with a new campaign for Bic from agency Buzzman, Paris, featuring an online spot directed with his usual unusualness by Keith Schofield (Caviar) and produced by Caviar Paris; and a coordinating game. Replace that puck with a well-shaven man, and get ready for the Human Curling Bic Flexperience. Join in the victory of this surprisingly smooth glide.

Client: Bic "Flexperience Human Curling" Agency: Buzzman Location: Paris Producer: Vanessa Barbel Production Company: Caviar Paris Executive Producers: Mourad Belkeddar, Emmanuel Reye Producer: Eric Brown Director: Keith Schofield DP: Damien Acevedo Production Designer: Benjamin Bamps