1 cyclist in 4 rides without a bike light in Brussels. That's an accident waiting to happen. To solve this problem, independent agency mortierbrigade created a solution for their client Bike for Brussels: the first “Bike Light Lane.” When bikers would go through a tunnel on the bike lane, those without lights were detected and experienced what could happen to them firsthand.
Depending on the speed of the cyclist, An avatar on a bike with a light would appear on an LCD screen. Then another bike would appear that didn't have a light and a crash would happen right before the real biker's very eyes. The message "Be bright, use a light," would then flash on screen, and an invitation tp pick up free bike lights.

My first thought when seeing this campaign was "I wonder how many bikers were distracted by the sudden light and animation." Followed by "I wonder how many people even noticed." But hey it did the job and got press and got picked up by national TV, so they'll be bringing this brightly lit animated tunnel to three other cities in Belgium.

Client: Brussel Mobiliteit
Client contacts: Sofie Walschap, Véronique Dehasque, Damiaan De Jonge

Agency: Mortierbrigade
Creative Directors: Philippe De Ceuster, Jens Mortier, Joost Berends
Creatives: Jesse Van Gysel & Tom Meijer, Zoé De Priester

Head of production: Charlotte Coddens
Strategy: Dorien Mathijssen
Producer: Margot Van Daele
PR Manager: Anne-Cécile Collignon
Social: Jonas Van Bael

Digital Director:
Digital Project Manager: Jeroen De Bock
Design: Wim De Dobbeleer

Production company: Beyond
Producer: Anner Tiete, Kevin Verelst