"My name is Arnold Bike. I was created by Ad Agency - Arnold Amsterdam as a unique piece to promote the new agency. "

No joke, Arnold ad agency created a nicely curvy red bike called Arnold, that spelled out its own name. Even in Amsterdam, where there's a million bikes, this bright red bike catches your eye. The team worked with Swiss designer Juri Zaech to create a frame that not only spells the name A-r-n-o-l-d, but is also a functioning bicycle. Throughout the process, the challenge was to engineer a frame which supported the cyclist’s weight, whilst also achieving excellence in typographical design.

Sean Thompson, CCO Arnold Amsterdam, said:

“The bike says Arnold, the streets say Amsterdam and the social networks do the rest. It's advertising in its purest sense. It is both beautifully designed and functional, which pretty much sums up some of the best design this country has to offer”.

The bike was even in Cannes last week, and fans can follow the bike on the Arnold bike website, twitter and the bike even has its own linkedin page, with over 650 connections already... And recommendations, of course. Here's one from Jorian Murray, Chairman, Arnold Amsterdam:

“I am lucky enough to be a colleague of Arnold Bike and despite his attention-seeking ways I'm a very big fan. He asked me to say a few words so here they are: he is bright (red), creative (a one-off) and well-built. My only criticism is that he never makes the tea.”

There you have it kids. It's a bright red one-off. That you can ride around town!

Executive Creative Director - Sean Thompson Creative - Ben Holder Creative - Bob Haarmans Associate Designer - Juri Zaech Production (tube bending) - Design Bending

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