I can«t stand Swedish accents in English so I closed my ears halfway through, but that«s not Tequila, Sydney, Australia«s fault. You might find the accent charming, kind of like how I find Dutch-english accents (it«s especially cute when they replace "or" with "of" revealing that they're still thinking in Dutch). By the way, the "free bike" idea has been realized in Copenhagen (Denmark - another language another accent) over ten years ago. It«s called Bycyklen, and whenever I need one they're nowhere to be found. Stolen or bust.

Sven Andersson«s great new urban transport invention.

It«s 8.50, the train or bus is running late and it«s a 20 minute walk across town to get to work.

What if you could simply swipe your credit card, grab a free bike, pedal across town and return the bike to another stand? It can be a reality.

And Sven Andersson, the Swedish bike guru, is here to show us how. His innovative company BikeStand can help ease traffic congestion in the city and help us all get places faster.

Without, as Sven would say, "Costing you a leg and a arm".

See how free bikes can take hundreds of cars off the road and save the environment. Visit http://www.bikestand.com.au for more info and to sign the petition to make your government support this great initiative!


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