Bing - Thelma and Louise (2010)


Bing - Thelma and Louise (2010)

Microsoft's Bing ads are getting bolder. Here they demonstrate how Bing could have saved Thelma and Louise, had they had access to a not-yet-invented cellphone. And been able to reach the other side with that bold car-jump instead of plummeting to their deaths. Ho-kay.

ad agency: JWT
Microsoft Bing
Post/Effects: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Zack Tucker
EP: Michael Pardee
Producer: Darcie Muangman
Associate Producer: Diana Cheng
Bidding Producer: Cassandra Khavari
Head of 3d: Jeff Werner
Lead Compositing/Compositing Supervisor: Tim Davies
3D Artist(s): Aaron Vest, John Hart, Tom Stanton, Gunther Schatz, Josh Ochoa, Yuchio Yamashita, Mike Warner, Brian Ripley, Lersak Bunupuradah
Modeling: Greg Stuhl


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