Happy cows produce better milk. So thjnk made a way for regular people in Zurich to make cows happy and receive some organic milk in return. They created a remote massage center in Zurich shopping mall people shoppers had the opportunity to massage dairy cows on an organic farm 50 km away with just the touch of a button, in real time. They got some organic milk for their troubles and the cow got a nice massage. What a fun idea.

Client: Bio Suisse
Jürg Schenkel (Head of Marketing), Sylvia Gysin (Project Management for Marketing
Communication and Advertising), Ania Biasio (Head of the media department)
Agency: thjnk Zurich
Alexander Jaggy (Co-founder and Creative Managing Director), Andrea Bison (Co-founder
and Consultant Managing Director), Pablo Schencke (Creative Director), Cornelia Hess (Art
Director), Mirjam Birrer, Angela Cristofari (Project Manager), Isabelle Akermann (Planning

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