The Bison Council - The True Thanksgiving Story - (2013) (USA)

The Bison Council hope to convert some of you to eat Bison this thanksgiving, instead of turkey. They rewind to what they think played out at that first thanksgiving so long ago, when pilgrims feebly chased turkeys around, while the native americans watched, amused. -"Should we tell them about the bison?" -"Naaah." Oh snap! They were holding out on y'all pilgrims and that's why you're still eating overcooked dried turkey on thanksgiving when you could have succulent red tasty bison meat....

The site full of bison recipes might help push traditional minded consumers over the edge, and toward the big plates of say ... Grilled Bison Sliders with Blueberry Barbecue Sauce instead. Oh nom! Is anyone else getting hungry?

Client: The Bison Council
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