Not sure if Tonic Communications just wants to topple DDB & their WWF ad from "Americas most hated" ad list, nor do I know What Burger King Headquarters thinks about this. I'm just sick of seeing "dumb broads" in ads tonight so I give it an F.

Update: Sorted, this is the client approved edit.

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Ad Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE Creative Directors: Vincent Raffray, Khaled Gadallah Post: Chimney Pot Dubai Art Director: Peter Walker Copywriter: Vincent Raffray Production House: Zoe Beruit Director: Chadi Younes

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  • hunter.blatherer's picture

    Is swearing allowed on this site? Because I don't do it a lot but some feelings can only be expressed a certain way.

    Such as, ahem...

    Is motherfucking BURGER KING the one going around making comparisons between consuming fast food and consuming fossil fuels? Really? This is a Burger Kind ad; the Earth Liberation Front didn't somehow make a major ad-buy?

    What kind of rabbit hole have we slipped down, when did it happen, where exactly are we on the other side, and where do I find my goddamn caterpillar?

    Feb 08, 2010
  • lgwilson's picture

    --I am looking for a Charles Scwab commercial shot in 2000 featuring Sally Field sending up her oscar speech?

    --I am looking for a White Castle commercial shot in 99 called 'Steamroom'

    -I am looking for a Kraft chees4e commercial shot in 99 featuring dancing pizzas getting drunk on parmesean cjeese?
    Plz help me find these.

    Feb 08, 2010
  • Stew811's picture

    I guess you guys come from outside the Middle East. Seen from here it's so true that what these guys are saying is what we face all the time.

    At least they turn it around and make fun of these two airheads.

    Feb 10, 2010
  • Neo's picture

    What do you face? Conversations with airheads? The ad is just a stereotype laden and crass joke, I fail to see the relevance to "have it your way".

    Feb 10, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    Not that having lived in Saudi makes me an expert on the middle east (as Saudi and UAE are a million miles apart in a cultural sense), but I have seen the old "wow you must have oil" thing quite a bit, so I get that. It is as common as "I hear you Swedish ladies are really liberal " and right up there with "Scottish people are stingy", "Germans are punctual", "British have bad teeth" and so on. The Oil stereotype gets even dumber when said to someone from Bahrain, for example. But that the US is chock-full of uneducated rednecks who eat hamburgers all day is just another stereotype, and thus makes the creators of this ad as daft as the invented ladies of the script. Except more so, because they get to pollute the airwaves with their assumptions. Ya dig?

    * full disclosure, I really find stereotypes in advertising tedious and lazy creative no matter who is doing it.

    Feb 10, 2010

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