The Real Gummies of the Black Forest are back. In this episode, the parents are strolling causally through the forest when they discover their song and his friends are taking the whole "au naturel" thing a bit too far. That's right, they are streaking. And it's even pixilated. Hehehe. And while the mom is all pearl clutchy, the dad is proud of his son. Which is only slightly creepy. This looks like it was quite the fun campaign to work on.

Advertising Agency: Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co. Agency: Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co. Creative Partner: Bob Volkman Creative Partner: David Yang Managing Partner: Greg Reifel Chief Strategy Officer: Kevin Richey Associate Creative Director: Jared El-Mofty Art Director: Kari Grundman: Account Managers: Bridget Lamiman, Michelle Sturgis Social Media Marketing Manager: Sabrina Medora Producer: Pat Douglass Production Company: Shuttlecraft Executive Producer: Robert Berman Director: Ronnie Koff Creative Director: Clint Chang Audio: ARU Sound Engineer and Designer: Don Arbuckle Music Supervisor: Tom Haigh
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