Swiss newspapers Blick and SonntagsBlick brought Larissa, Luana, Siiri, Cyril and Maximilian to the circus because they all had a wish, not to run away with the circus, but to say thank you to their grandparents. Now, Kleenex-warning, kids, this ad got me and might get you too. The children met and trained with professional circus artists for a day, to prepare a special performance. The kids are a talented bunch, we soon see and as the unsuspecting grandparents were taken to Zirkus Monti under false pretences. As the performances begin, the unsuspecting grandparents are very surprised to see the young stars, and soon beaming with pride. There's tears of joy and lots of laughter. We end on the tagline: “Heute ist alles drin.” (Today anything's possible.) This is a project at , where Blick helps you make your wishes come true. Since the summer, Blick and SonntagsBlick readers have been able to upload their wishes to a dedicated Blick microsite, to either see their own wish come true or helps others. Almost 30 very different people, all with very different wishes, have already seen their dreams come true, and with that we have 30 different pieces of content where BLICK shares the wishes with their readers. With this film, they hope to get more wishes in.

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