BMW Connected Drive - Jewellery heist - (2011) 3:00 (USA)


BMW Connected Drive - Jewellery heist - (2011) 3:00 (USA)

This show-off jewel thief uses every feature in his überconnected BMW connected drive to pull of a neat little robbery of an expensive jewelers in ten easy steps. He uses the car to call top model ladies, find directions to cheap toy stores, park neatly, make reservations and to create a distraction with the alarm. All the while nodding hi to the police. He's like James Bond, but with a cooler looking BMW. Also, he's not really a thief. That would be uncool, now wouldn't it? We can't have that in an ad for super expensive cars you're supposed to buy, so don't get any ideas about stealing yourself a BMW Connected drive. Charge it and worry about the debt later, like nations do.


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