Draft FCB Zurich decided the best way to celebrate the holidays with BMW was to sing the Christmas song in the world. By showing BMW DTM professional driver Martin Tomczyk driving The Zurich Accapella Group around around a track like a bat out of hell while they sing Jingle Bells.

How does Jingle Bells sound in a car this fast? Awkward!

Credits Key personnel at BMW: Mark Backé (Marketing Manager), Miranda Amsler (Senior Manager Advertising), Jan Bolliger (Senior Manager Online) Key personnel at Draftfcb in Zurich: Dennis Lück (Executive Creative Director), Christoff Strukamp and Stephanie Lang (Art Directors), Maximilian Kortmann (Copywriter), Sandra Kopplin (Consulting) Sound: Kirschner Music Film production: Lamar Hawkins, Christopher Novak, Pumpkin Film AG Direction: Götz Hudelmaier Post production: Fraqment Online: Sebastian Palka, Nikita Loges, Stephan Fühner, drei elemente gmbh

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    Car Service (not verified)

    BMW have come up with some cracking ads lately. This one is pretty cool as well

    Jun 17, 2013
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    Spam link removed because you can buy banner ads. Neener.

    Jun 17, 2013