Greetings from the future! You know, in New Zealand, it's been April 1 for hours already, so they've had time to prank the public proper before people in the UK even finished their tea. BMW in Auckland decided to test the unsuspecting public, and offered a free new BMW trade-in to anyone who asks for Tom at the dealership. Most people flicking through their morning paper probably just chuckled to themselves and moved on.

But what if... What if you did get a free BMW if you asked for Tom? Who would be brave enough to just check it out? This reverse April fool had most of Auckland fooled and one driver very happy.

DDB AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Damon Stapleton – Chief Creative Officer Shane Bradnick - Executive Creative Director James Conner- Art Director Christie Cooper – Copywriter Elizabeth Beatty – Managing Partner Paula Brown – Account Director Kathy Gieck – General Manager Katie Walton – Group Account Director James Anderson –Director - Two Heads TV Production Clayton Carpinter – Camera Ant Nevision - Sound Kate Carter – Head of Media Relations Eleisha Balmer – Senior Account Manager Client - BMW New Zealand

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