Seen Speak up and Good Girl? Very well, here's the third one in the same campaign, Unnatural Beauty .

"When I grow up, I will be the prettiest girl. I will have longs legs, and a tiny waist.
A closet full of designer clothes, shoes and bags. If I put on weight, I will not eat.
If my boobs aren't big enough, I will get an implant. Just like the celebrities I look up to.
If this sounds wrong to you, stop creating an unnatural image of beauty. Stop telling me that if I'm fat, or dark, or short, I'm not good enough.
Praise me for qualities that matter. Like honesty, courage, and compassion.
They make me, so much more than beautiful."

And with that, I'm giving a little Adland round of applause to the young ladies who did so well as voice-overs, despite being as young as 4 and total newbies in the sound studio. Very well done, girls.

Ad agency: Grey, Kuala Lumpur ECD: David Sin Creative Director: Ramanjit Singh Gulati Creative Director: Andrew Fong Writers: Ramanjit Singh Gulati, Nadia McDonald, Jessica Wong Planning Director: Lubna Khan Audio: TWOAM

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