Bon Vivant "Grater Card" (2013) :28 (Brazil)


Bon Vivant "Grater Card" (2013) :28 (Brazil)

I kind of want one. This would come in handy for sure. However, my wallet would smell like cheese. And then I'd want to eat my wallet.

Client: BON VIVANT Product: THE GRATER CARD Agency: JWT Brazil CCO: Ricardo John Creative Director: Rodolfo Amaral and Ricardo Marques Creative Team: Fernando Christo and Filipe Matiazi Producer: Flavio Schaefer, Eduardo Santini, Alessandra Carvalho. Photograph: Fernando Ziviani Image Retouch: Paulo de Almeida Videocase producer: Deiró


With this card, they're shredding the competition.

Could it brie any grater? So Gouda.

Right, I'll see myself out.

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