Personal invitations were sent to people via Spotify, using the playlist interface and "email trackslist to friend" feature. Each track was named as part of a letter inviting the person to the exhibition, while eacxh sample let them hear a snippet from the up-coming art show “more than sound”. A sneak-peak tracklist-invite if you will. Very clever. Very limited. Very V.I.P.

Track-list Guest-list: The world’s first personal album-release
Bonniers Konsthall's up-coming art show “more than sound” focuses on sound art and music-installations. In order to promote the show, we made use of Spotifys user-interface to send an exclusive invitation.
We used the title-function and named the different tracks in order to create a coherent message within the album-list, and the tracks themselves consisted of musical samples from the exhibition. In short; the music was the message.
The target group was selected bloggers and art critics. Every recipient got his or her own personalized album-release. The project was done in collaboration with Spotify and the various albums/invitations will available on Spotify during a campaign period.

Ad agency: DDB Stockholm Creative Director, Magnus Jakobsson, Fredrik Simonsson Copywriter, Daniel Vaccino Art Director, Joakim Khoury Project manager, Sandra Bergman Production Company, Spotify Music, Hans Berg

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