OOOOH Misdirect. See the karate girl who is tiny actually did a good job and her parents who didn't have any faith in her abilities are now stunned so they have to spend the night. to the rescue.

Client: Chief Marketing Officer Paul Hennessy Brand Marketing Team Lead Andrew Smith Brand Specialist Robert Schreuders Media Planning Director Anoeska van Leeuwen Media Planner Kelly Lee Head of Social Media Julian Poole Social Media Coordinator Beulah Devaney Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY AMSTERDAM Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy Creative Director Genevieve Hoey & Sean Condon Art Director Riccardo Rachello Copywriter Andrew Dobbie Head of Broadcast Production Joe Togneri Broadcast Producer Peter Montgomery / Tony Stearns Associate Producer Stijn Wikkerink Director of Interactive Production Kelsie Van Deman Interactive Producer Alex Grolleman Planner Emma Wiseman Group Account Director Jordi Pont Account Director Aitziber Izurrategui Account Manager Caroline Melody Meyer Art Buyer Maud Klarenbeek / Stacey Pruden Head of Design Joe Burrin Retoucher Dario Fusnecher Studio Artist Noa Redero Project Manager Stacey Pruden Business Affairs Michael Graves FILM PRODUCTION PRODUCTION COMPANY Biscuit Filmworks Director Aaron Stoller Director of Photography Eric Schmidt Producer Emily Skinner Executive Producer Orlando Wood EDITING COMPANY Work Post Editor Rich Orrick AUDIO POST Wave Studios Amsterdam Sound Designer/Mixer Alex Nicholls-Lee MUSIC Music Company Mad Planet POST PRODUCTION Flame Urs Furrer / Kyle Obley /James Adamson / Philip Huis in t'Held Telecine Scott Harris Sr. Producer Anya Kruzmetra

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