"Get petrol for the generator", and that's how this crash course in how to get gas during the zombie apocalypse begins. Step one, record a crying baby on a boombox. Step two, fit out your bike with chainsaws on the side. Step three, grow massive balls. Oh, wait, everyone who survives the zombie apocalypse already has that, clearly.

Just like the first Boost Mobile - Stay Living / Zombie apocalypse, this ends with the cry for freedom. Don't get trapped. Don't be locked in. Stay Living.

Boost: Stay Living Boost CEO: Paul O'Neile General Manager: Business Development - Anthony Torr Customer Experience Manager: Tina Cleary Agency: The Monkeys Chief Creative officer: Justin Drape Executive Creative Director: Micah Walker Digital Creative Director: Jay Gelardi Art Director: Oksana Valentelis Copywriter: Henry Kember Head of Broadcast Production: Thea Carone Broadcast Producer: Jade Wannell Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti Channel Planner: Mat Rawnsley Senior Engagement Planner: Rachel Maughan Social Media Strategist: Matt Abet Director of Client Services: Dan Beaumont Content Director: Gini Sinclair Content Manager: Anthony Campagna Production Company: Revolver Director – The Glue Society: Matt Devine Executive Producer/Managing Director: Michael Ritchie Producer: Adrian Shapiro Editing: Dan Lee / Editors VFX Supervisor: Nicholas Ponzoni, Fin Design Composers & Sound Design: Nylon Saffron & Jen Film: Nicky Routledge Ben Film: Christopher Kelaart Mary Film: Son Of Kick PR Agency: Magnum PR Print Credits: Photographer: Ingvar Kenne Photo production: The Pool Collective Retouching: Outpost Art Buyer: Meghan Petersen Designer: John-Scott McClure

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