It's like an epic Zombie apocalypse movie trailer. Hey, have you noticed that zombies have taken over the role mimes used to have in Adland? All hail Romero, I wonder how perplexed he feels about zombies used to sell stuff. Speaking of selling, after you've been thoroughly entertained by the zombie-splatter in this ad you might wonder what it is selling. Cell-phone service. You see, when the zombie apocalypse happens, Boost Mobile is still going to be around. They're manning the antennas & HQ with robots I presume.

Or as they say:
Don't get trapped. Don't be locked in. Stay Living

Well OK then. Still, everyone who wishes this was areal teaser for a future TV series raise their cellphones. Yep yep.

"Boost is a brand that ultimately believes in freedom and non-conformity," says Micah Walker, Executive Creative Director at The Monkeys. "And with this campaign, we really wanted to engage the audience with a series of offers that played to that belief, and did so in an unexpected way."
"This idea of 'Stay Living' is obviously a point of view on the world, but rather than hold a mirror up to reflect reality we wanted to wrap it all up in a story that was entertaining and unconventional. Standing against a world of zombies just made sense," says Walker.
As part of a targeted blogger outreach strategy, the films feature popular bloggers including Kimmi Smiles, a zombie-loving 21 year-old who has almost 168,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and Louna Maroun, a vlogger with more than 50,000 followers.

Boost: Stay Living Boost CEO: Paul O'Neile General Manager: Business Development - Anthony Torr Customer Experience Manager: Tina Cleary Agency: The Monkeys Chief Creative officer: Justin Drape Executive Creative Director: Micah Walker Digital Creative Director: Jay Gelardi Art Director: Oksana Valentelis Copywriter: Henry Kember Head of Broadcast Production: Thea Carone Broadcast Producer: Jade Wannell Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti Channel Planner: Mat Rawnsley Senior Engagement Planner: Rachel Maughan Social Media Strategist: Matt Abet Director of Client Services: Dan Beaumont Content Director: Gini Sinclair Content Manager: Anthony Campagna Production Company: Revolver Director – The Glue Society: Matt Devine Executive Producer/Managing Director: Michael Ritchie Producer: Adrian Shapiro Editing: Dan Lee / Editors VFX Supervisor: Nicholas Ponzoni, Fin Design Composers & Sound Design: Nylon Saffron & Jen Film: Nicky Routledge Ben Film: Christopher Kelaart Mary Film: Son Of Kick PR Agency: Magnum PR Print Credits: Photographer: Ingvar Kenne Photo production: The Pool Collective Retouching: Outpost Art Buyer: Meghan Petersen Designer: John-Scott McClure

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