Prankvertising has become its own category so we're familiar with how it goes. Still this one from BBDO Belgium is funny. Two unsuspecting households get visitors in the night who take the opportunity not to rip them off, but clean their homes with a very quiet vacuum.

The next morning they learn the news. I love when the couple ask "How did you get in?" the Bosch man answers "Your sister gave me the key." I'm sure there will be words.

On one level they've been violated by Bosch's home invasion. On another level, they now have a dust free home. I guess it evens out?

Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium Agency website: Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck Art Director: Frédéric Zouag Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart RTV Producer: Nicolas Van Poeck Account Supervisor: Kris Van den Brandt Advertiser Supervisor: Dimitri Peeters, Bosch, Jette, Belgium Director: Hans Buysse Producer: Hans Buysse Production Agency: PIMPZ

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