One Club has created this guy, Brandon Dentertainment, to host this years One Show with his Miami Vice outfits and cheesy eighties effects. Yep a FunnyorDie character will host the 5th Annual One Show Entertainment this year, which makes sense if you think about it. FunnyorDie are the production house / Old Milwakee 'these aren't really ads Will Ferrell just loves the beer', entertainment agency of the future as predicted. Who else should we turn to to host the show with an emphasis on that elusive agency holy grail, branded entertainment? Exactly! So bring out that tired old retro, the shimmering tron-like 3D wire-graphics, the awesome Eagle necklace, the video-fudge color and plenty of puns for our ha-ha-has. This mocking of the old infomercial-schtick is a standby classic in adland, so why not use it for an award? Many are called, lots of them make money on it, but few actually know how to properly make branded content that people want to watch. Even Gawker admits that their branded content stinks, "gawker calls its own sponsored contant straight up garbage. But cheer up, there's non-garbage too!

“We wanted the show to be a representation of branded entertainment and that’s exactly what Gifted Youth accomplished with Brandon Dentertainment,” said Michael Nadeau, Managing Director of The One Club West. “We branded the show with an idea that is inherently funny and with content that can stand alone.”

Gifted Youth, known for production work such as Pepsi MAX’s Jeff Gordon “Test Drive” video with TBWA/Chiat/Day, and creative work such as the Will Ferrell/Funny Or Die campaign for Old Milwaukee Beer, created the character “Brandon Dentertainment” exclusively for One Show Entertainment. Attired in bedazzled lapels and Miami Vice pastels, “Brandon Dentertainment” is a self-proclaimed millionaire, chinchilla owner and founder of the patent-pending Brandon Dentertainment System.

“The One Club challenged us to come up with something new and unique,” said Chris Bruss, President of Gifted Youth and Vice President of Branded Entertainment at Funny or Die. “Cartoons and fake characters have made appearances at awards shows before, but as far as we can tell, this is the first time a made-up character has hosted an awards show.”

One Show Entertainment will take place at Deutsch LA on Thursday, June 13. Tickets can be purchased on The One Club website.

Production: Gifted Youth Funny Or Die

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