So as each woman turns to the camera and read off their lines in perfectly set up beauty shots, there's something a little different about this ad. These are not actresses. These are women with breast cancer. Knowing that makes their frank admission to the camera just hit that much harder. You can find out more on the Breast Cancer Now website.

Ad agency: RKCR Y&R London

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  • Kay Samuels's picture
    Kay Samuels (not verified)

    What an excellent advert to get the impact of breast cancer over. Having gone through it myself in my 30's and travelled through the journey with my mum 2 years after me. The LAST ONE is exactly how it is. With the continued research and every woman that has fought and survived or fought and lost this silent killer....there will be A LAST ONE. Thank you to Cancer Now / Cancer Research for all their work.

    Jun 21, 2015
  • patriciabromwich's picture
    patriciabromwich (not verified)

    This is a really moving promotion for breast cancer awareness. I am retired community nurse, my heart goes out to the brave women in the clip, and to all other women who have breast cancer.God bless them all.

    Jun 29, 2015
  • The sad one 's picture
    The sad one (not verified)

    Very moving advert , very courageous women in the advert , my heart goes out to them , although I'm a guy in my 30's maybe can't relate completely, I have advanced cancer and I'm loosing the fight to stay alive, God willing one day there will be a last one . Thank you cancer now cancer research uk for your hard work.

    Jan 02, 2016