Digital Forward agency Struck and Blitzmedia make this spot for Breville's Youbrew coffeemaker. Apparently it's the very first coffee maker than can brew fresh ground beans into a single serving cup carafe or mug, based in your own personal flavor and strength profile.

On a side note, Kidsleepy worked eons ago in a coffeehouse (not Starbucks) and I can only assume they have a spectrum of different beans, or they are 'cheating' based on how long they brew and the desired grind. Because the spectrum is determined by how long the beans are roasted. So unless they include all bean types, this is dubious.

Anyway, the flavors are bold, intense, mild, light, smooth and strong. And they are all typified in the spot by central casting stereotypes.

Grey Haired Female Executive = intense? A chinese ping pong Player? Really, guys? Really?

For something that brews coffee in all spectrums, the spot is...wait for it..wait for it...weak.

Yeah Dabitch, I made that punny for you.

Agency: Struck Executive Creative Director: Steve Driggs Director: Ed McCulloch DP, Editor: Paul Meyers Production Company: Flint Productions Art Director: Dave Bunnell Writer: Garrett Martin Producer: Ian Skinner Blitz Media Chief Marketing Officer: Mitch Blum Group Account Director: Kerryann Driscoll Account Coordinator: Gina Anderson Breville USA Brand Director: Rob Sheard Senior Category Manager: Stefanie Tiong