The world's first photo booth activated by mountain bikes thanks to Bridgestone South Africa.

As opposed to the world's first photo booths activated by a car, thanks to Peugeot.

600 riders, 210 kms, 3 days, 1 goal – to get the perfect shot. 233 photos were uploaded to Facebook.

They also have a hashtag #Passion4Performance. Although I'm not sure why because this is a Facebook activation and not Twitter.

Client: Bridgestone Agency: tinMan Digital, Centurion, South Africa Agency website: Directors: Ruan Strydom, Johan Oosthuizen, Riaan Nel Client Director: Mike Eksteen (Amnicomm) Strategist/Producer: Charl Diener Technician: Roelf Daling Photographer: Jurgens Johannes Burger Videographer: Adam Heyns Production Company: Content Mint Crew Published: February, 2013

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  • Charlie Cole's picture
    Charlie Cole (not verified)

    Nice one! What a crash though. ouch.

    Feb 26, 2013

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