British Airways - Bringing people together / Face - (1989) :90 (UK)


British Airways - Bringing people together / Face - (1989) :90 (UK)

This ad was partly shot in Utah and aired worldwide but came out of a London agency.

Saatchi and Saatchi, London
Graham Fink

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This ad was shot almost completely in Utah, not Ohio. The lake is Lake Powell, the street is in Salt Lake City, the Picasso face is at the salt flats, and the full face/world is in Southeastern Utah, near Moab. Not sure where the ear was shot at. I know all of this, because when I was 13 and in the 7th grade, I was in the commercial. In the part with the full face/world, I am just above the winking eye.

This is my most favorite commercial of all time. Saatchi and Saatchi, advertising firm of London, did a magnificent job for it's time.

One of the most beautiful commercial's BA has ever done.

Well Done / Bravo !

Somewhere in that Utah desert, is a set of ears..... we don't see them in the end shot! That's one expensive set of extra's wandering around out there!

Anyone remember the sequel with the box landing on the beach? It was pretty crap - they could have had the ears found on the island...

wait that sounds like the plot from Lost!

The ear was filmed in Heber Valley, in Utah. Up in a field, that is now Soldier Hollow- where some Olympic events were held. The people that made the ear were from Wasatch High School.

when i was in high school i was part of this commercial. it was so much fun

I was part of the wink in the middle of the Utah desert. I will be forever grateful to British Airways for bringing me together with the love of my life nearly 25 years later ;)

DelicateArch - what a great story! I work in the PR team at British Airways and would love to be able to email you about an exciting project we've got coming up.

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