British Airways - Today. Tomorrow - (2013) :90 (UK)


British Airways - Today. Tomorrow - (2013) :90 (UK)

Expertly directed by Martin Krejci though Stink, British Airways shows us their vision and attention to detail. Paul Yull and Adi Birkinshaw at Bartle Bogle Hegarty created this spot in the "To Fly. To Serve" campaign. The devil is in the details, and British airways notes them all.

Ad agency: BBH, London
Creative director : Hamish Pinnell
Team director : Leonora Hopkins
Team managers: Matt Jones, Hannah Madden
Team assistant : Amy Crowe
Creative team : Paul Yull, Adi Birkinshaw
Film producer: Sam Robinson
Production company : Stink
Director : Martin Krejci
Executive producer : Blake Powell
Producer : Juliet Naylor
DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle

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Devil's in the details, but it's the details they always leave out that matter most. I worked on airline accounts before. Airlines like to live in their own little worlds and not have any interference.

For instance, we don't see dear traveler being cattle-prodded through Heathrow, and arriving to his flight barely on time, sweaty and angry. They ignore completely the indifferent service one receives from more than half the flight attendants. And they certainly don't bring up the fact they tend to lose baggage, furhter enraging the consumer. They only concentrate on the experience inside the cabin because it's all they control. But even that is a slight of hand.

Because if you notice, apparently the only time a passenger has a good time in the cabin is when he's either A. stuffing sweets in his mouth whilst watching a movie or B. Unconscious. That tells me everything I really need to know.

Hang on, you're on to something, an airline where I could pay my way past TSA....

They already have that. Or not past them but they have fast passes. All you need is a wait for it...wait for it...retina scan.

That's not at all Bladerunner style creepy.

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