What is it about the 80's? People were always gettin' sucked into stuff. First there was Jeff Bridges gettin' sucked into a computer in the original Tron. Then there was the New Wave band Kidd Video gettin' sucked into a cartoon world. And now there's this serious girl who gets enticed by a teneager with a skinny tie to get sucked into a computer thanks to some BubbleYum. Enough seriousness. Let's get wacky! This commercial reminds me a lot of the video for The Cars' You Might Think which was also big at the time. Also note the cat in this spot. Cats were always cool.

Client: Bubble Yum

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kidsleepy 17 year copywriter, now CD, who has worked in many cities including Pittsburgh, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care. I ain't complainin' I'm just tellin' it like it is.

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    I remember this ad so well. The whole loose the pony-tail and glasses thing = "shes now hip" still makes me laugh.

    Nov 27, 2007

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