Bud Light - "Cut the cheese" - (2008) :60 (USA)


Bud Light - "Cut the cheese" - (2008) :60 (USA)

Slated for superbowl stardom, this ad was kept in reserve as an easter egg "secret spot" to view online after the game.

Ad agency: DDB Worldwide Chicago
Group Creative Director - Mark Gross
Creative Directors/writers - Chuck Rachford/Chris Roe
Producer - Will St. Clair
Director - Erich Joiner
Editor - Carlos Lowenstein - The Whitehouse.



This is so lame I cannot believe it.

Bud Light spots continue to suck in '08.

I had a feeling an ad called "cut the cheese" would.....whoa, this thing required two writers?!

And, hence the reason why it wasn't aired during the Super Bowl.

You're a tough crowd. The deadpan acting scores high for me, even if I didn't find the script too amusing, it's well done.

I don't know. It may have worked better if they'd worked more puns into it. After about ten seconds I was thinking "okay, cut the cheese equals farting. Ha ha. Move on".

yep, totally agree on that. more pinching loafs, dropping kids at the pool, I mean jesus there's millions of funny euphemisms out there. You could probably make a full length feature that could kill Beavis and Butthead if you collected them all in one script.

You that critically comment on this ad are a bunch of idiot jackasses. This is a brilliant, clever, ad. Just because you don't like the beer, you berate yhe commercial. Get a life...and a sense of humor!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone prior to you say anything about the beer? No, they did not. Get some reading skills, you're projecting.

Anonymous Coward number 1 probably made the ad.

Or maybe he just really needs to cut the cheese.

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