Bud Light - Drinkability - Tailgaters (2008) :30 (USA)


Bud Light - Drinkability - Tailgaters (2008) :30 (USA)

Bud Light has drinkability? Somebody was asleep during differentiation/USP class.
Good job highlighting a characteristic that Bud Light shares with almost every liquid substance on the planet.
(And no doubt a number of you smartarses are going to be filing false advertising charges on them.)
Agency: Euro RSCG



Honestly does anyone ever say "Fills me up"? Rather than "Gets me drunk?"

I do like the gal though.

That is so stupid.

Next USP Bud should dust off : "It's cold"

Nope - That's Coors' unique angle.

That's right, I forgot. Next USP then: "comes in bottles"

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