Bud Light - Jackie Moon / Semi-pro / Will Ferrell (2008) 0:30 (USA)


Bud Light - Jackie Moon / Semi-pro / Will Ferrell (2008) 0:30 (USA)

Aired 4th Quarter

Agency: DDB, Chicago



The best Bud Light spot of the night, if only for "Bud Light. Suck One."

These lines sound like all the stuff the creatives wrote when they were dipping too deep into the product, thank Bishop's that Will Ferrel had a character ready to execute all their bin-material.

Too bad Bud light sucks, literally. You know what I mean.

Literally? No, you don't mean literally. You mean figuratively. And yes indeed it does.

Will - can you read these dozen lines we wrote?
Will - can you come up with a few?
Will - we just wrote 4 more can you read those?
Thanks for the hour, WIll.

My fave this year. So funny.

Oh no you didn't; really, it sucks, literally. I mean literally. And I know what I mean. You know?

What, is there a vacuum in the bottle? You open it and instead of the "pschht" noise created by a release of bubbles, you hear a deep sucking noise? You get trapped into it like the kid in the 95 Pepsi ad? :) That would actually be a pretty neat feature... :)) New tagline: Bud Light: Negative pressure, chilled.
I'm just joshing ya

That's a good tagline. I'd buy it.

Rate it????

this movie was good

my fav....

I loved this one. Actually saw the movie because these ads were so much fun. His character is fantastic, but he should stick to commercials. The movie was pretty bad.

HAHAHAA! Shit, you're scaring the newbie adgrunts. Be nice.

Tss. ;)

Oh and Neaner, I literally hate it when people say literally but mean figuratively. Didn't think that joke would scare anyone off to be honest.

Do you literally mean figuratively?


love will ferrell

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