Budweiser - Bud Bowl I part 6 (1989) - 0:30 (USA


Budweiser - Bud Bowl I part 6 (1989) - 0:30 (USA


These BudBowl spots were fantastic. They should bring these spots back. The little beer bottles were amusing and the "BudBowl" series was great. Why they are not on anymore baffles me? These spots were a lot better than a lot of commercials I've seen.

I'm beginning to think you work for Anheuser-Busch! :-)

The budbowl ads were awful and their rating here of "0.8" agrees.

Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

The Bud Bowl ads were indeed awful, although the margin of error based on an unscientific two vote poll is probably pretty high. :-)

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