Budweiser - True - Ref - Beating/Tune Out - (2004) 0:30 (USA)


Budweiser - True - Ref - Beating/Tune Out - (2004) 0:30 (USA)

It ain't over until the referee sings.


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Substitute the typical woman for any other typical minority and this ad would have never made it to television. Why is this sort of crap still considered acceptable? (Yeah, I know most Super Bowl viewers and beer drinkers are men.)

aye, it's a crap cheap gag, hence I rated it thumbs down (=1 point).

Perhaps it's not as original as a candle-horse fart gag - but this is still a great commercial. Simple but effective. And alas, many men can still relate to this all too well.

If you want to clean up the junk, get rid of the Bud Light chimp. I thought this one was quite good, though, there are better ones.

Great commercial. I don't like the referrence to what if she was a minority at all. I find that to be bad taste. I don't understand how this suddenly became a race/gender issue. I see it as a marriage issue if any.

Simply the commercial is about a man who gets berated at home and on the field. The sad part is how he just takes it all.

Veruca has a valid point and you are missing it like a blind man pissing against the wind misses the bowl. This ad was just lame.

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