Two vastly different origin stories are told in Mike Maguire’s new spot for Bundaberg Rum. While both tales agree Bundaberg was born from a molasses surplus, the actual turn of events markedly improves over countless retellings. Instead of a bedraggled quintet of old-timers conceding to rum production in a dilapidated barn, history is rewritten to include refined gentlemen, emphatic declarations, hot air balloons and streets full of jubilant revelers. Oh, and snakeskin suits. Because snakeskin suits are a symbol of my individuality, and my belief... in personal freedom. Ah, sorry, 90s flashback.

production company: revolver director: mike maguire executive producer: michael ritchie producer: ian iveson director of photography: ginny loane production designer: alexis ross agency: leo burnett sydney executive creative director: andy dilallo head of copy: grant mcaloon creative director: vince lagana client services director: peter bosilkovski business director: sam mcgown tv producer: margot fitzpatrick editorial company: toybox & the editors editor: peter whitmore visual effects company: fin design producer: anya kruzmentra

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