The latest campaign launch from Red Tettemer + Partners for their client Burger 21, part of Front Burner Brands. The campaign, What Burgers Would Eat if Burgers Could Eat Burgers™ (oh yes, they TM:ed that), features a number of irresistible burgers from Burger 21’s menu discussing how they want to eat each other. It's not as sexy as you'd think but food-cannibalism is always funny.

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell Creative Director Todd Taylor, Bill Starkey Art Directors: Todd Taylor, Bill Starkey Copywriters: Todd Taylor, Bill Starkey Producer: Joe Mosca Developer: Aaron Grando Account Executive(s): Susan Baraczek / Perry Morris / Alex Muller Photographer: Todd Taylor Production Company: Beyond Imagination Director: Todd Taylor, Steve O’Connell Director of Photography: Todd Taylor Editing House: Red Tettemer + Partners Editor: Vic Carreno Producer Joe Mosca Music House: Red Tettemer + Partners Composer: Todd Taylor