Burger King - Artist (2003) - 0:30 (USA)


Burger King - Artist (2003) - 0:30 (USA)



Is this it? Yes, I think so. This must be the worst commercial on Adland.
There's no idea, the execution is very tame, the packshot is o.t.t., the actor is your typical token black person, his text is unreal... Need I go on?
Why is this piece of shit on this website anyway? No serious, which creative thought "Oh look, I've made a good commercial and everybody should see it"? For sure whomever made it, must realize that it's crap.

So here's a big FUCK YOU to whomever made this!

I doubt he's "token" rather the target, but the art = Burgers contrived connection is making me quite sick. Go look at McDonalds latest, they're worse.

But what are people thinking when they post this? Are they really proud that they've made this?

Dude, we post the best and the worst. One mans bread is another mans posion and all that. For educations sake you gotta see the good and the bad, and besides, not all bad are bad and not all good are good. That's why you can rate what you think. ;)

So Gezellig, how do you really feel?

As we state in our initial message to newbies, "This is AdLand, a commercial-laden delirium of heaven and hell for advertising addicts 'round the world." Since we're a trade/resource site, we make sure to include spots from both sides of the quality spectrum and let our fellow SuperAdgrunts decide their designations via ratings and comments.

However, if you know your religious symbology, it's probably no coincidence that a commercial that begins by showing a flaming crown would belong in the Lake of Fire.

Ultimately, we strive for balance in the commercial archive, and to do that, you must have Yin as well as Yang... good as well as evil... cheese as well as wine... cat as well as dog... Martin as well as Lewis... banana as well as peel... ... ... uhh.... sorry. I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

Just try and limit the f-bombs, ok? Thanks.

I could have made this (not saying I would have wanted to, just saying the meager resources that went into this advert are available to any a/v addict.)

It is terrible though. They repeat his bite and smile three times. GAK!

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