McDonald's thought it dropped the mike on Burger King France with its cheeky print ad? But Burger King roared back waveing its middle finger at McDonald's in this giant sarcastic touché.

Well done, indeed.

By the way, is anyone else dismayed that there are Burger Kings and McDonald's in France? It kinda makes me sad if that's our best export to Europe.

Client: Burger King France Marketing Project Managers: Bérénice Charles, Carole Rousseau Agency: Buzzman President and Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif Vice-President: Thomas Granger Associate Director: Julien Levilain Copywriter: Benjamin Dessagne Copywriter Assistants: TBWA\Paris, McDonald's France Artistic Director Assistant: Pierre-Olivier Dezeque Account Managers: Pierre Guengant, Loïc Coelho, Clémence Gateau Social Media Managers: Julien Scaglione, Loris Bernardini, Marie Le Scao Communication and PR Managers: Amélie Juillet, Clara Bascoul-Gauthier TV Production: Vanessa Barbel, Margaux Despointes, Benoit Crouet

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