Very snarky spot for The Colorado Advisory Council for Persons With Disabilities reminding you that spots for disabled people are there for a reason, and your excuses mean nothing for using them if you don't need them. While it's definitely true those excuses are made, I do have to question whether guilt shaming is the best way to get people to think twice.

Client: Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities Agency: Amélie Company Creative Director: Pat Feehery Associate Creative Director: Eric Hines Art Director: Chelsea Anderson Copywriter: Olivia Abtahi Director: Pat Feehery and Olivia Abtahi Director of Photography: Dan Knudson Executive Producer: Rachel Farah Senior Producer: Brian Lynn Account Coordinator/Script Supervisor: Kate Hinson Account Supervisor: Mackie Clonts Production Company: One Floor Up, Denver, CO PR + Social Account Executive: Jamie Alvarez PR + Social Account Coordinator: Holly Franklin

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kidsleepy CD copywriter with 18 years experience who has worked in many cities including New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care.

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  • David Felton's picture
    David Felton

    I think the insight here is off.

    People who justify themselves parking in a disabled spot, already know they're doing the wrong thing. This PSA doesn't tell them anything they're not already aware of. They're assholes, but I reckon the majority are self-aware assholes. I'd like to see something a bit tougher like 'Park in a disabled bay? Prepare to be towed.' And then having their car towed away by a group of disabled workers. Shit, that would be funny.

    Jul 21, 2015
  • kidsleepy's picture

    That would make an amazing stunt. If you want to shame someone, at least make it visceral.

    Jul 21, 2015
  • Dabitch's picture

    Good lord, that would be awesomely painful to watch, QUICK get a client RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

    Jul 22, 2015

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