Cadbury's - Don't stop me now /airport truck race - (2008) :90 (UK)


Cadbury's - Don't stop me now /airport truck race - (2008) :90 (UK)

After the drumming Gorilla for Cadbury«s we now have crazy airport cars.
Agency: Fallon London
Director: Juan Cabral

The followup to the drumming Gorilla.... falls rather flat.



Color me disappointed. Queen is an ace soundtrack though.

I kept waiting for the funny. It failed.

The commercial certainly attracted our attention when it ran on Channel 5. We watched it to the end and tried (and failed) to guess what it was for -- having missed the opening few seconds. So presumably it did what it set out to do.

But no, not nearly as much wow as the gorilla.

It might explain all the delays in Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5. ;P

Hahaha! Never thought of that.

Not really a good time to be showing airport personnel goofing off. Especially dumping bags everywhere.

I couldn't tell if there were any people in the trucks, or whether they were just driving themselves (something we've seen dozens of times before).

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