Why do we work so hard? For this? For stuff? Neal McDonough takes us around his house and declares in a patriotic Rah Rah fashion that we work hard to innovate, unlike some countries who work less hard and uhm.. I don't know, don't have electric cars?

The funniest line in this pep-talk: "Got a car (on the moon) and left the keys in it, do you know why? Cuz we're the only ones going back up there."

Worst line in this commercial: "As for all the stuff, that's the upside of only taking two weeks off in August. N'est-ce pas?", it doesn't work as the author probably intended or thinks.

So the pep-talk divided the audiences, but it's clear to me that Cadillac are trying to sell an electric car that is American™, and attract the customer base who don't want to buy that electric Japanese or Italian import. See, a green way of thinking is to buy locally made stuff, N'est-ce pas?

principal talent: Neal McDonough Ad agency: Rogue

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