Cafe Hag - That's Right - (1982) :20 (UK)


Cafe Hag - That's Right - (1982) :20 (UK)

Up with the lark!

Every shot in this ad is like a stock photo study. We're backlit handsome couples in robes. We're biking through quaint villages. We're having a cup of Café Hag in a small café and drawing little hearts on the steamed window. And then we can sleep tight too.

Cafe Hag



This is so British, so absolutely utterly saturated with Britishness, you can almost smell the crumpets.

Can places still look like this? It's like a time-capsule of Britishness. This and and that Swan matches ad, where they catch a train and ride though the country. So green. Such a retro train. So British I almost squealed.

Can you believe the tagline is 'That's right.' It's like they're saying "Terribly sorry, but we're so British we're not going to give you the hard sell here, old chap. But have a wonderful day, won't you? There's a darling."

The only reason they didn't say exactly that, was because they didn't want to impose on the guy who had to superimpose all those letters onto the film. Back then it was done by hand, you know.

And you can still buy it! Amazing. Even more amazing; it's a German brand. What were we saying about quintessential Britishness? And coffee doesn't grow in Germany either.

*laughing until my heads explodes* - Yes, I thought you knew? That's what makes this sell so brilliant!

Meanwhile, there used to be a designer rule that any brand that had orange in the logo was either German, Dutch or had been occupied by Germany during the war. ;)

Kill a man with a knife, he begs for his life... that's right, Cafe Hag.
While his widow sleeps, we bury him deep... that's Cafe Hag.
If your conscience weights heavy, Cafe Hag is your bevvy... that's right.

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That's right!

Hello, this a polite notice for Dabitch to remind her to please send me some Cafe Hag, so I can shoot a modern re-imagining of this classic piece of advertising. If you think I'm kidding, that's wrong!

*groan*! You're not going to give up until this is a meme? That's right!

We're running low on coffee... time to put in a big order. I'm not even kidding anymore. That's right!

Good grief, can you give some love to another old super British ad like Beanz Meanz Heinz or something?

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