'We're 'Obsessed with Sound' and love aspiring musicians who put their heart and soul in every little detail. Details that so often get lost when listening on inferior speakers.

That's why we collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra and created a unique interactive audio/visual experience, allowing you to single out each musician to hear every detail.

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Tribal DDB Amsterdam Chris Baylis – Executive Creative Director Bart Mol – Art Director / concept Pol Hoenderboom – Copywriter / concept Robbin Cenijn – Designer Sandra Krstic – Global Business Director Jan Willem Penterman – Technical Lead Henk Rijks – Strategy Director Niels Bellaar – Social Media Planner Nikaj Gouwerok – Editor Jeroen Jedeloo, Richard Land, Christy Wassenaar – Agency Producers Metropole Orchestra Jules Buckley – Conductor Berend Dubbe, Sonja van Hamel – Composers StinkDigital Rob Chiu – Director (StinkDigital) Marcel Kornblum, Mark Pytlik – Executive Producers (StinkDigital) Matias Boucard – D.O.P. Music Supervisor MassiveMusic