Campbell's Chunky Soup continues it's "moms of NFL athletes trying to serve soup to their grown up kids." In this case they've taken it to a Gaurdians Of The Galaxy/Comic Book thing. While the acting is as good as you'd imagine, there i one funny moment when Richard Sherman pokes fun at his crazy outburst immediately following last year's Super Bowl. When the super hero character says "I got caught up in the passion of the moment," Sherman answers "I understand," and winks.

I appreciate the fact they're trying to expand on this campaign so it doesn't feel like the same thing every year...but i have to say...I think it's time to let the moms take a break and do something else.

Client: Campbell's soup
Agency: Y&R
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Executive Creative Director: James Caporimo
Creative Director/Partner: Stephen Hersh
Creative Director: Eric Glickman
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs
Senior Producer: Samantha Bonom

Production Company: Gifted Youth
Director: Fatal Farm
DP: Ulrik Bentzen Boel
Line Producer: Stephan Mohammed
EP: Dal Wolf
Head of Production: Anthony Ficalora

Editorial Company: Big Sky
Editor: Chris Franklin
Assistant Editors: Dave Madden & Eirinn Disbrow
Executive Producer: Cheryl Panek
Producer: Sarah Van Tassel
VFX: Ryan Sears
Color Correction: Chris Ryan, Nice Shoes


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