Campofrio - Timothy the Robot - (2010) 2:31


Campofrio - Timothy the Robot - (2010) 2:31

Timothy the robot "will become part of your family" states his shipping note, and indeed he does. He plays with the kids, serves drinks to the neighbors at the BBQ, hogs the best seat in the house while watching TV and generally attracts the ire of dad, who feels rejected by his own family. Dad realizes that Timothy is indeed "just a robot" and as such, he can never taste the joy that is Campofrio ham. Revenge is best served cold, straight out of the pack and in thin slices.

Client: Camofrio
Agency: Mccann Erickson Madrid
Production Company: Agosto
Director : Pep Bosh

Leandro Raposo (Executive Creative Director)
Mónica Moro, Pablo Colonnese, Pablo Stricker (Creative Director)
Leandro Raposo, Raquel Martínez, Mónica Moro (Creative)
Julia Carrasco (Producer)


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